Melbourne Jet Base

The Melbourne Jet Base is a new private terminal built on a Greenfield site connecting directly to the existing Melbourne International Airport tarmac.

The build included:

  • a purpose-built private jet hangar capable of housing up to 11 Private Jets with ancillary ground support spaces
  • a display showroom for MJB’s Vintage DC3 Aircraft which doubles as a facility function space
  • feature sculptured roof form inspired by aerodynamic concepts clean of any plant or equipment
  • central hub which includes in house customs and immigration screening, generous pilot support areas, high end passenger lounge, meeting rooms, offices, catering and function facilities
  • aircraft pavement (including taxi-way), pedestrian and vehicle pavements, and soft landscaping.

The project brief was to build the world’s pre-eminent jet base with facilities to provide a superior level of luxury and service for its customers.

ADJ Electrical Contracting was involved from the conception of the project, beginning with the initial budgeting phase, onto the design period and finally into construction. The project required a collaborative approach and our team worked in close association with the client, builder (Hutchinson), architects (Cox) and engineers (ARUP).

As the site provides direct access for the aircraft onto the Tullamarine tarmac, our employees were required to work airside under APAM (Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne) and boarder control requirements.

The collaborative nature of the project was beyond anything I have previously experienced. ADJ’s expert knowledge and team focused approach was a huge factor in the successful delivery of the project.

David Bowles, Construction Manager, Hutchinson Builders

Melbourne Jet Base
Hutchinson Builders