Knox Private Hospital Redevelopment

The multimillion-dollar redevelopment at Knox Private Hospital provides quality health care for the growing demand across Melbourne’s eastern region.

The redevelopment includes:

  •  A new 3 storey north tower containing 60 single patient rooms.
  • An upgraded intensive care and coronary care units, with additional bed capacity.
  • A 16 chair renal dialysis service.
  • An upgraded non-invasive/diagnostic cardiology unit.
  • Consolidation of pharmacy, admissions and café.
  • 9 additional premium specialist consulting rooms.

Key to the project’s success was the shutdown and upgrade of the hospitals existing MSB. After comprehensive consultation with the hospital, ADJ formulated a critical works plan. This plan outlined a step-by-step methodology to safely carry out the required shutdown works. The shutdown was successfully performed during a 48hour around the clock period with temporary generators providing back up power resulting in no loss of operations to the hospital.

Knox Private Hospital Redevelopment