CSL AlbuRx

The CSL AlbuRx project saw the construction of a $150 million-dollar pharmaceutical facility that manufactures a blood plasma-based intravenous therapy.

The site consists of industrial production areas, laboratories, amenities and office areas for support staff. Key to the project’s success was the staged handover of the facility. The project brief required certain areas of production live, prior to the completion of other areas. Adding another layer of complexity, vast areas of the facility were sterile environments (PC2 laboratories) which could not be easily accessed once complete.
To successfully achieve these staged handovers our team had to understand the following key elements:

  • Staged program. 
  • Infrastructure reticulating in regards to the staging plans.
  • Equipment procurement to suit the staging program.
  • Commissioning requirements to allow the staged handover. 


A comprehensive 3D BIM model was utilised to better understand the construction of the facility and how the staging affected construction. Additionally, as all production equipment was manufactured in Europe and reassembled onsite, the BIM model was used to position and install electrical equipment to extremely tight tolerances.

Staging required the electrical equipment to be installed first with the production team to follow. ADJ’s effective management of the BIM modelling and the installation process resulted in zero clashes and the successfully staged handover of the project.

For the project, ADJ received a Certificate of Commendation at the 2018 NECA Excellent Awards.

CSL AlbruRx
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